A unique luminaire collection where nature and technology meet design.
Salta, Argentina. By Sofia Boccadoro.
A collection that mirrors the temporal evolution of nature through algorithms that emulate its behavior, crafting lighting objects with 4.0 technology and plant-based materials. Bilu seeks to respect manual tradition with a contemporary note, betting on one hundred percent Argentine design.
Tradition and elegance, yet disruptive.
Syrah Punta Ballena, Uruguay. By Lola Toyos.
Punta del Este
Discover our lighting fixtures in the lobby of Syrah Punta Ballena in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
Salone del Mobile Milano
Thank you for visiting us in the 25th edition of Salone Satellite, within Salone del Mobile Milano. It was a wonderful experience. Looking forward to seeing you next year.
Satellite, Salone del Mobile Milano. By Ludovica Mandini.
Sello Buen Diseño
We proudly represent Argentine design with the Ombo collection, inspired by the growth of nature. Awarded in 2023 with seal number 5111.
Distrito Arenales
Thank you for visiting us at Tienda Bristol during La Noche del Diseño in Distrito Arenales. It was an unforgettable experience.
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