We believe design is...
Ignacio Martinez Todeschini | Founder of BILU​​​​​​​
Our Vision
Bilu arises from the need to challenge the rigid conventions of Industrial Design, adopting a more flexible and organic approach, enhanced by new production methods. At the intersection between art and technology, the Rio De La Plata style is incorporated into its DNA, with influences from the native crafts of our region. 
Bilu means "beautiful" in Charrúa, the native american people of Uruguay, in honor of Ignacio's second nationality. The objects not only illuminate but also stand as sculptures when turned off. 
The result is a unique collection with a notable identity, divided into four main collections:
Ombo (growth), 
Wavo (water), 
Mapu (stone), 
Cactu (cactus).
Our Mission
We aim to create welcoming environments through lighting and promote well-being, using algorithms based on the laws that govern nature. Resulting in shapes that freeze temporary processes of our natural environment, fundamentally based on the concept of biodesign.
We respect tradition in a contemporary note and maintain both social and environmental responsibility, betting on a one hundred percent Argentine design.

Breaking with classic
Respecting tradition.
Innovating in design.
Córdoba, Argentina. By Ignacio Martínez Todeschini.
Our Process
Combining parametric manufacturing and craftsmanship, solid woodwork is carried out, emphasizing a morphological search highlighting 3D printing rows as a fabric. Showing materials and processes as they are, without pretending to be anything else. 
The intention to create sustainable lighting is fundamental, using 3D printing with PLA - a plant-based biopolymer - and wood treated with natural oils and jute fiber textiles.
"I believe that design entails technological innovation, sustainability, and artistic expression, promoting well-being and honoring culture." - Ignacio Martínez Todeschini.
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